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Adii: The Mothership Is Broken. And You Can’t Fix It.

Adii, one of the co-founders of the exceptional WooThemes, on how the company has grown into something that no longer resembles the start-up they created — but in a good way:

As business owner, learn to sit back, relax and realize that even if you wanted to fix the engine yourself, you either don’t have the time or the skills. The only way for you to do so, is support the team that you hired to look after the engine in the first place.

There’s some excellent business development and management advice here. Worth the read.

FlashingRobot: Happy Birthday iPhone!

Happy Birthday to the iPhone. (And me.)

Star Wars Trilogy Prints

These really are awesome posters. Captures each of the original trilogy movies perfectly. Go check them out.

WSJ: China Buys More Rolls-Royces Than the U.S.

Interesting, I suppose.

When it comes to mapping the world’s changing plutocracy, the Rolls-Royce Index is among the more useful tools.

Simply put, it measures which country is buying the most Rolls-Royces. The index not only gives us a sense of the country’s with the most excess wealth to burn (a base model Rolls will set you back at least $245,000), but also the citizens who are most anxious to display it. For ages, America has topped the list.

But in 2011, China beat out the U.S. to top the index for the first time.

(Via Daring Fireball)

Blogtor Who: Murray Gold Plays I Am the Doctor

This is just AWESOME!

Marshall Ramsey: Best Cartoons of 2011

From his blog:

I miss doing a “Best of” page in the paper — which I did for years. This is the next best thing.

We miss reading them as well.

Nerd Gap: The Many Faces of Fiddling

Brett Kelly offers up a grat list of things that need to be included in the definition of “fiddling”. One that should definitely be included in mine OS over-thinking:

Over-thinking is what breeds unfounded doubt. There’s a reason “go with your gut” is such a timeless refrain among those most accomplished — more often than not, we know what we need/want to do, but we waffle because of some combination of uncertainty and fear and, just maybe, procrastination. I’m not judging anybody on this one—believe me—as I struggle with this one more than all the rest combined. What I’ve learned, though, is that I learn by doing, and often failing, not by stroking my chin.

I’m guilty of a lot of things on the list that Brett presents, but over-thinking a project has to be my worst offense. It’s not from fear so much as the desire to get it perfect. But all the thinking in the world will produce nothing. Only execution delivers results, and once you’ve built something you can set about improving it and moving toward that all elusive goal of perfection.

Daring Fireball: Merry

John Gruber gets personal about the special moments we all experience as parents and how important they are. Short, wonderful post.

Rands: Bored People Quit

If you manage people, then you need to read this. If you are unhappy with your job, you need to read it too. Everyone else should read it because you never know when this truth might be handy to recall.

I think of boredom as a clock. Every second that someone on my team is bored, a second passes on this clock. After some aggregated amount of seconds that varies for every person, they look at the time, throw up their arms, and quit.

I’ve quit jobs before because of boredome. I should have left others for the same reason.

Justin Williams on iPad and Magazines | Flashing Robot

Over at my tech blog, Flashing Robot, I shared two outstanding posts from iOS developer Justin Williams about the state of magazine publishing for the iPad.

Given my background in journalism, this is something that concerns me greatly. I’ve argued many times that print media has completely mishandled the Internet, and now they are mishandling new opportunities like the iPad (and tablets in general), which is clearly the future of media consumption.

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